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Windows 7 - Vista7 Slic Loader 2.4.9 by Om Dhar (2010-02-12)

Vista7 Slic Loader 2.4.7 by Om Dhar (2010-02-12)


Original Informations by Om Dhar:


Ensure you login as administrator. Activate your copy of windows 7 / Vista / Server 2008, all edition or uninstall all types of cr**k (bootmgr,bootloader or key/cert) from any loader in one click.

If you have no idea of OEM activation, just click install (default), reboot ur PC and check status.

It will work in
  • Windows 7 Ultimate x86 & x64
  • Windows 7 Professional x86 & x64
  • Windows 7 Home Premium x86 & x64
  • Windows 7 Home Basic x86 & x64
  • Windows 7 Starter x86
  • Windows Server(R) 2008 Standard x86 & x64
  • Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard x86 & x64
  • Windows Server(R) 2008 Enterprise x86 & x64
  • Windows (R) Small Business Server 2008 x86 & x64
  • Windows Vista Ultimate x86 & x64
  • Windows Vista Business x86 & x64
  • Windows Vista Home Premium x86 & x64
  • Windows Vista Home Basic x86 & x64
  • Windows Vista Starter x86

Basic Info:
  • OEM (Certificate & Key) install only where bios already (or modded) contains slic 2.1
  • Add slic 2.1 to Bootloader (0.97 grldr customised by Zsmin for me) with option (Default,Alternative, Low Memory, Debug, Forceful)
    - default option allows auto-detect best method where possible
    - alt method relocates SLIC, RSDT, XSDT and RSD PTR to low memory
    - low memory method relocates SLIC to low memory
    - forceful mode tries to activate on systems where some checks don't complete successfully, may cause problems.
    - Debug mode allows view to process behind bootloader.
  • Install GUID Path (Thanks to PAYMYRENT) failing which install using Mount method.
  • Add Security to bootloader (Read Access only).
  • Randomly renamed grubloader (Thanks to PAYMYRENT) failing which allow its user to try normal grldr.
  • Add slic 2.1 to Bootmgr (No grldr means less time to boot, not recommended).
  • Certificate install where you want to replace certificate only.
  • Key install where you want to replace key only.
  • OEM Slic detection with matching OEM Key if possible. (You can always choose different OEM Key available or own custom key)
  • Check incorrect custom key.
  • Detects SLIC version(Thanks to MasterDisaster) and then autoselect best activation mode.
  • Detects BIOS Mod, any loader or if no loader installed in most cases.
  • Option to add custom slic and certificate.

Advantage :
  • Fast Install (since based on WMI script).
  • Single file.
  • Much smaller in size (since based on .NET Framework 2.0).
  • Bootloader are randomly renamed and so uninstall of old ldr not necessary.
  • Slic can be added in bootmgr (Not recommended).
  • Cert & Slic option are together for OEM install.
  • Cert can be installed/replaced only.
  • Key can be replaced only.

  • Option to add your customised OEM info and logo.
  • Option to backup and restore your licence (useful for retail and mak key users).
  • Option to dump slic matching OEM certificate.
  • Default start autoselect best activation mode, slic, cert and key.
  • Detects BIOS Mod, any loader or if no loader installed in most cases from MBR of disk.
  • Option to add CUSTOM certificate & slic for bootloader or certificate only for bios mod includes validating MATCH.

Latest Updates 2.4.7:
  • Some bug fixing in custom slic & certificate selection. Tooltip updated.


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